Источник: альбом 'Fairyland?'.
Версии: альбомная (5:27).
Слова: Томас, музыка: Стеффан.

Take Me To The Time

You can pray for me
But you cannot save my soul
Dig my grave but see
That I still can hear your moan
Think of my embrace
When you lose all hope and faith

You reach out for me
But you cannot grasp a dream
You hold on to me
Your illusion makes me real
Think of my embrace
In your drug's delusive haze

Take me to the time
Let it start again
Take me to the time
When it all began
We can fly so high
You'll never want to say good-bye

Just remember me
That's the least I do implore
Don't you grieve for me
Never lock your tender door
Think of my embrace
Don't ever trust heaven's grace

Take me to the time....

Take me to the time...

I never wanted you to die


Copyright © 1999 the Lighthouse Studio. All rights reserved.

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